Spit Roasts

Cooking a spit roast on the rotisserie?
Looking for delicious, mouth watering food?

This is the place to be!

We have general items

such as meat tenderisers, meat thermometers, food handling gloves, and more.

Prefer smoking your food?

No problem! There are hot and cold smoker boxes, smoke generators, wood pellets, wood chips, and sawdust. We even have a spray on "Liquid Smoke", and Seasoning Rubs.
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How about an outdoor BBQ?

Hooded or flat, we have all the accessories you will ever need. Brushes, scrapers, tongs, night lights, sausage rollers, liners, marinade injectors, roasting prongs and trays, skewers, and hot food platters. We even have splatter mats for under the BBQ , and bags of Zeolite to absorb fat spills. There are finger spray liquid cleaners for dissolving oil and grease, restoring cast iron hotplates, and cleaning stainless steel.
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And the spit roasting range is outstanding!

We have:

  • DC and AC spit kits
  • DC and AC motors
  • Single length or muti-piece spit shafts
  • Adjustable flat grill baskets
  • Tumbling baskets
  • Chrome or stainless steel prongs, and
  • Those essential counter weights.

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Perhaps our GYROS range is for you?

  • square and round, stainless steel collars
  • stainless steel dual prongs prongs

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