For the recovery from diarrhoea, vomiting, flu, COVID-19, excessive alcohol consumption and when exercising or working for long periods in the heat.

Great Natural Taste, Low Sugar, Highly Effective – it works, Rapid Absorption, Natural Flavours

Fluid and electrolyte drinks are designed to replace the water and electrolytes lost from body fluids in sweat. The same or similar products may be used to replace fluids lost in other ways such as in diarrhoeal illness, excessive alcohol consumption, or when undertaking long-haul flights. 

Progressive fluid loss, such as can occur with prolonged sweating or fluid loss from illness such as the gastroenteritis, influenza (flu),  COVID-19  and other causes of fever, reduces blood volume which affects blood supply to muscles, the brain and to the skin for regulation of body temperature. Physical performance, judgement and coordination suffer, and fatigue and the risk of heat illness increase. 

An electrolyte drink replaces lost electrolytes which assist in retention of water and replenishment of fluid volume. If correctly formulated the drink will be absorbed more rapidly than plain water, and help combat fatigue, while a palatable beverage will encourage the intake of larger volumes than if only water is available.



Electrolytes lost with light or even moderate sweating are easily replenished from a normal diet.  Regular food intake, and drinking water with and between meals, is sufficient. In fact the sodium content of electrolyte replacement beverages makes these unsuitable for indiscriminate use, particularly for anyone prone to high blood pressure. The marketing of ‘sports drinks’ for general consumption by relatively sedentary people in temperate climates is irresponsible for this reason.

On the other hand, athletes engaging in prolonged activity like playing golf or distance running may be sweating at rates of 300-400 ml per hour and need to replace fluid at the same rate to avoid dehydration. Sodium is the principal electrolyte lost in sweat and losses may also be considerable and need replacement. Replacement with plain water in this situation is inadequate: plain water is quickly lost in urine, and at worst, body fluids may become dangerously diluted. Consuming an appropriate fluid and electrolyte drink during prolonged sporting events in the heat is much more effective at combating fatigue and preventing dehydration.

In addition, as mentioned above, anyone suffering from flu, COVID-19 or gastroenteritis should also use an electrolyte supplement to replace electrolytes that are lost.

The elderly are often prone to drinking mostly tea or coffee and are frequently found to have poor electrolyte balance; a glass or two of an electrolyte drink especially in the summer months can only be a good thing.

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