Bricks, Mortar and Putty

Is your fireplace, fire box, chimney, flue, wood burner

or pizza oven requiring some maintenance?

These products are likely to be exactly what you need.

Fire Bricks

  • rated to 1300 degrees Celsius
  • rated food safe for pizza ovens
  • sandstone colour
  • 230mm long x 25mm thick x 115mm wide
  • shipped individually, or in cartons of 6, 10 or 12 bricks

Pre-mixed RediMortar

  • Heat resistant
  • sandstone colour
  • pre-mixed, ready to use, mortar
  • Rated to 1400 degrees Celsius
  • Ideal for repairing fireplaces, chimneys, fuel stoves, barbeques

Heat resistant Instant Brick 

  • sandstone colour
  • firebrick mix
  • designed for replacing and/or repairing fireplace bricks
  • Rated to 1000 degrees Celsius
  • Just add water
  • Dries overnight

High temperature Stove Putty

  • Black in colour
  • Rated to 1400 degrees Celsius
  • Ideal for installing fibreglass rope
  • Ideal for repairing fireplaces, chimneys/flues, fuel stoves and barbeques
  • pre-mixed
  • air dries in 24 hrs

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