NXTDAYSHIP Embroidery Service 

We can arrange the embroidery of TEXT or LOGO IMAGES 

Screen printing is also available for bulk orders. Please contact us for a quote.

Embroidery is a two step process:

1st     the text or logo needs to have a reuseable template designed
          A once-only fee applies
         (The template is used for any subsequent orders without a further charge)

2nd   the template is then used to apply the embroidery as many times as you require
         A per application fee applies   e.g. 5 shirts, each with 2 logos = 10 applications

Once the embroidery has been applied, the item and the embroidery become an item specially manufactured for you and can not be returned. A lead time for up to 10 business days is required to apply the embroidery.

Application costs are determined by the:

  • Type of design                        e.g. text / simple graphic, or complex graphic
  • Size of the embroidery           e.g. standard or extra-large
  • Number of items                    > noting volume discounts apply
  • Additional conditions apply  > see each order item

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