Industrial Hydration & Electrolytes for Work

Aqualyte has been designed for prolonged use by workers to prevent heat-related illnesses caused by dehydration and thus maintain productivity.

Aqualyte was originally developed after extensive research investigating the effects of dehydration on the health and performance of underground miners, but its benefits are important for all workers who are exposed to hot environments and dehydration.

Hydration is critically important for workers in regulating body temperature otherwise they risk getting heat-related illnesses or having an increased risk of workplace accidents due to mental and physical fatigue.

Workers can sweat an average of 600ml of fluid per hour, thus performing 10-12 hour shifts may require the replacement of 6-7 litres of fluid per day. Aqualyte is palatable and its intermittent use makes consumption of this large volume of fluid more achievable.

As a hypotonic solution, Aqualyte’s rapid absorption into the body helps prevent the feeling of fullness or bloating in the gut. This contributes to workers being able to consume greater volumes and thus replace fluid loss though sweating.

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