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The MEISTER tennis ball range is exceptional, offering pressurised, pressureless, stage 1, 2 and 3 balls. These balls cover all stages of tennis development with slow bounce balls for small children, through to tough, repetitive, adult coaching practices. They are simply excellent!

Pressurised tennis balls are designed for competition, with a superb bounce for the duration of most domestic competitions.

Different to their Pressurised counter-parts, Pressureless balls have a rubber core that makes them bounce without the need for internal pressure, delivering an invariable bounce regardless of how old they may be.

SLOWER bouncing balls give younger players a little extra time to find and hit the ball.

With a 25% slower bounce, Meister Stage 1 (Green Spot) tennis balls best suit 9-10 year olds.

The 50% slower bounce of Meister Stage 2 (Orange Spot) tennis balls suits the 8-9 year olds.

The slightly larger (+1cm in diameter) Meister Stage 3 (Red Spot) tennis balls have a 75% slower bounce ideally suited for 5 to 8 year olds

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