Educational Toddler Toys

Wooden educational toys for toddlers.

Supporting "Ezekiel & Co"

Do you have a little one, or know someone who has a young one that is looking for the perfect way to support their child's development in a FUN and EDUCATIONAL way?  For some time now, I've been researching what the best educational toys are to develop children’s skills through play.
Why? Because kids love to PLAY!


Ezekiel (the toddler behind the brand) has been play testing some educational toys over, and what I've found, was that it promotes motor skills, language and cognitive development through the recruitment of problem solving and independence. What better way to satisfy our young kids and their curiosity in and fun and educational way right?!

The Philosophy

Being a teacher, I couldn’t help but investigate early childhood development in more depth when I had little Ezekiel. Watching him grow, learn and develop has been such a blessing. So wanting to nurture and support his direction was just a natural instinct.

As parents, we want to provide the best environment for our children to thrive. Through research and understanding the methods of education, I became comfortable and really passionate about a blend of two pedagogies. Let me share them with you:
1. The Reggio Emilia approach - The foundation is child focused, that uses your child's direction & experiential learning in an environment that is built on relationships.
2. Montessori - Like Reggio, it is also a self directed focus, where children make creative decisions in many scenarios to promote their learning, and importantly, independence.

Seeing Ezekiel blossom in this environment tells me it’s right for us.
Trust yourself and your child. You’re on this journey together.